Silicone Hose

Coolant Hoses

  • Reinforced with polyester fabric and coated with specially compounded silicone elastomer. For heavy-duty pressure connections in hostile engine environments. Resists hardening, cracking, cold leaks, aging, steam and many chemicals.
  • Ideal for extreme temperature and various pressure ranges where high performance levels are required.
  • Meets or exceeds operating requirements of SAE J20 R1 Class A custom wall, TMC RP303B Class I Grade II and most OEM truck manufacturers specifications.
  • Available in 3 and 4-PLY Blue and Green. Continuous operating temperature is -65◦F to +350◦ F.
  • Available in 3’ or 12’ lengths.
  • Sizes: .50” I.D to 8.00” I.D

Heater Hose

  • For heavy-duty pressure connections in hostile engine environments.
  • Nylon fiber reinforced. Resistant to coolant additives. Nomex ® reinforcement available for high temperature applications.
  • Meets SAE 20R3 Class A Specification. TMC-RP303B Class I Grade 1 Specification.
  • Continuous operating temperature -65°F to +350°F, Green and Blue Series.
  • Available in 25’, 50’and 100’ boxes or on a reel.
  • Sizes: .25” I.D to 1.50” I.D

Convoluted Charge Air Cooler Hose (CAC)

  • For superior connection between engine mounted charge air system components. Ideal for handling slight misalignments and isolating vibration between hose ends.
  • 4-PLY Nomex ®Iron Oxide red hot side 500°F max operating temperature.
  • 3-PLY Polyester blue cold side 300°F Max operating temperature.
  • Turbo Charger Bellows are used on Diesel truck engines to deliver pressurized intake air to the charge air innercooler and intake manifold.
  • Sizes: 2.00” I.D to 12.00” I.D

45° & 90° Formed Coolant & Air Hose

  • For heavy duty pressure connection in hostile engine environments.
  • Iron Oxide Red Color Hot Side 500 °F. Blue Cool Side 350°F.
  • Sizes: .75” I.D to 8.00” I.D

Silicone Ducting

  • Single-PLY flexible, chemically treated, helically wound, bronze plated, spring steel wire reinforcement. Silicone-coated woven fiberglass fabric covering.
  • Continuous filament fiberglass cord between coils. Heat-vulcanized for maximum rubber-to-wire bond.
  • Lightweight, non-kinking, easy installation. Meets commercial low temperature flexibility. Temperature range -65°F to +450°F .
  • Stocked in 12’ lengths. Other lengths can be special ordered.
  • Double-PLY smooth inner ply and cover ply of chemically treated woven fiberglass. Superior air flow and minimum friction loss. Chemically-treated, helically-wound, spring steel wire for flexibility.
  • Double, continuous filament, silicone-coated treated fiberglass cord. Vulcanized for long service life. Lightweight, non-kinking. Temperature range -65°F to +600°F . Abrasion-resistant cover and liner available
  • Sizes: Single-PLY1.00” I.D to 6.00” I.D Double-PLY1.00” I.D to 12.00” I.D

Silicone Reducers

  • Available in variety of reinforcements. Temperature -65°F to 550° F.
  • Also available are Exhaust Tail Pipe Adapters.
  • Sizes: 1.25” I.D to 8.00” I.D *Call for specific sizes

Turbo Hose Sleeves and Connectors

  • For connection between the turbocharger and the engine. Resists chemicals, steam, ozone, coolants, and aging conditions normally found in the engine environment.
  • Available in 3-PLY Construction, Heavy Duty 4-PLY Construction and Extra Heavy Duty 6-PLY Construction.
  • Continuous operation temperature -65°F +500°F.
  • Sizes: .75” I.D to 8.00” I.D