Rubber/Thermoplastic Hose

Thermoplastic Hose

  • DFD offers thermoplastic hose, an alternative to Rubber Hydraulic hose. This light weight, abrasion resistant hose provides better resistance to chemicals and can handle a broader range of temperatures. Thermoplastic Hydraulic hose can be made as small as 1/8” ID with both carbon and stainless steel fittings.
  • Sizes: -03 to -16

Rubber Hydraulic Hose

  • DFD offers a broad range of Rubber Hydraulic hoses with either carbon steel or stainless steel fittings to suit different types of applications.
  • All of our hoses meet or exceed the most popular technical standards (SAE, ISO and AS).
  • Sizes: -03 to -32

Push Lock Hose

  • Easy to assemble with reusable SOCKETLESS™ fittings.
  • Textile braid reinforcement now available in a blue or black AQP® elastomer.
  • Patented AQP® elastomer smooth bore inner tube.
  • -45°F to +300° F temperature rating.
  • Available in blue and black.
  • Vacuum rated up to 28 in. Hg. In sizes -04 to -08.
  • Operating pressure for all sizes is at 250 psi.
  • Never needs a clamp.
  • Applications include, fuel, lube, coolant and air lines.
  • Sizes: -04 to -16