Racing Hose

AQP® Racing Hose

  • AQP® elastomer inner tube, partial stainless steel inner braid and full stainless steel outer braid reinforcement.
  • Compatible with petroleum and synthetic lubricants, hydrocarbon fuels and liquid engine coolants. It operates at higher temperatures for longer periods. Light and flexible, it is easy to work with.
  • Applications: Fuel, lube, coolant, air.
  • -45° F to 300° F temperature rating.
  • Sizes: -04″ to -32″

Starlite® Racing Hose

  • Pre-dyed black Nomex™cover with a red tracer braid to ensure peak performance and a consistent fade-resistant appearance. Increased abrasion resistance and overall hose strength by adding Kevlar™ to the fire-retardant Nomex™cover. Starlite® hose assemblies are up to 45% lighter in weight than conventional high performance assemblies.
  • Applications: Fuel, lube, coolant, air.
  • -45°F to 300°F temperature rating
  • Sizes: -04″ to -20″


Racing Hose

  • AQP® SOCKETLESS™ Performance Hose and Fittings are extremely easy to work with. Connecting the two is simple, just slip the hose onto the fittings.
  • Textile braid reinforcement now available in a blue or black AQP® elastomer cover.
  • Applications: Gasoline, fuel and lubricating oils, air and water.
  • -45°F to 300°F temperature rating.
  • Sizes: Blue .25″ I.D to .75″ I.D Black .375″ I.D to -.75″ I.D

PTFE Racing Hose

  • Made with extruded PTFE inner tube that’s compatible with a wide range of fluids, including hydraulic brake fluids. The hose has a bright stainless steel wire-braid cover that resist abrasion and corrosion, providing optimum dependability.
  • Applications: Off-road brake, transmission, clutch, gauge N2O, power steering, hydraulic, air conditioning.
  • -100°F to 450°F temperature rating.
  • Sizes: -03 to -08 *Larger sizes available

AQP® High Pressure Hose

(Power Steering)

  • Abrasion resistant fabric cover for longer life. It has a blue abrasion resistant fabric cover and a patented QP synthetic rubber inner tube.
  • Applications: Power steering lines, hydraulics, air, gasoline, fuel and lubricating oils, over-the-wall air tools and DOT- approved air brake.
  • -45°F to 300°F temperature rating.
  • Sizes: -06 to -12