Firesleeve/ Abrasion


  • Sleeving protection against sparks, flame blasts and molten splash. Used to protect hoses, tubing, wires and cable.  Available in orange and silver.
  • Sizes: 0.25” I.D to 6.00”I.D

AS 1072 Firesleeve Military Grade

  • Sleeving protection against sparks, flame blasts and molten splash. Used to protect hoses, tubing, wires and cable. 
  • Sizes: 1.00”I.D to 4.00”I.D 


  • Offers same protection as Firesleeve, in tape form.
  • Sizes: 1.00”I.D & 2.00”I.D  widths


  • MOX-Tape is produced from specially formulated silicone rubber. When wrapped with at least 50% overlap upon itself, MOX-Tape, provides a self-fusing, cohesive barrier that is resistant to moisture, oxygen, ozone, and cornona over a range of temperatures from -65 °F up to +650 °F.
  • MOX-Tape provides superior electrical insulation with dielectric strength of 300VPM minimum at 365 °F.
  • Sizes: 1.00” wide, Roll length is 12.00 yards

Thermosleeve S

  • Saturated to add firmness and reduce fray, making handling easier over long lengths. Has improved resistance to abrasion and flex, withstand1.00” wide, Roll length is 12.00 yards
  • long-term heat to 1000 °F
  • Sizes: 0.25” I.D to 4.00” I.D


  • Standard woven fiberglass tape designed for continuous temperatures up to 1000° F.
  • Sizes: Widths .50” I.D to 6.00” I.D

Thermotape PSA

  • Same proven heat protection as our standard Thermotape products, but with pressure sensitive adhesive for faster handling.
  • Sizes: Widths .50” I.D to 6.00” I.D


  • Ultra tight construction contains oil spillage from pin hole leaks. Tight smooth surface that resists water. 50% less bulky then Cordura.
  • Densely twisted proprietary engineered fabric offers optimum UV and abrasion protection. Temperatures up to 420 °F.
  • Sizes: 0.68” I.D to 5.50” I.D

Spiral Guard

  • Easy to install on loose or mounted hose and cables. Strong, flexible and light weight. Helps prevent hose wear due to friction and abrasion. Temperature range is -40 °F to +280 °F.
  • Sizes: 3.75” I.D to 4.50” I.D

Aluminized hermocloth

  • Thermocloth has an aluminum foil finish which provides an easy way to clean, reflective coating that is non-porous and highly reflective to thermal radiation.
  • It is recommended for use in applications where resistance to radiant heat or liquid spillage are required. Extended use at temperatures greater than 340-390°F should be limited to applications where foil adhesion is not vitally important.
  • Sizes: 40.00”I.D wide