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DFD has been a solutions provider for the Defense Industry since 1953. You can find our products on numerous vehicles including the EFV, M60A Tank, M1 Abrams Tank, Stryker, and MRAP Vehicles.  DFD has played a strong part in the development and improvements of many vehicles and Navy ships. We have worked together with various engineering groups providing new solutions to products which increase reliability, withstand high pressure and temperature, aid in space-saving and much more. Some common Defense products DFD supplies are Braided PTFE Hose and Metal Hose Assemblies, Valves, Copper-Tubes, Formed Hose, Titanium Fittings, Bent Tubes Assemblies, Manifolds and Quick Connects. 

With our engineering  capabilities we are able to design and manufacture custom fittings and hoses. DFD has the ability to collaborate with our customers from concept to completion. All of our products surpass AS9100:2009 (Rev. C) & ISO 9001:2008 standards  and our quality system is second to none. DFD has always been known for its seamless customer service and immediate turn around time. 

Customer Testimonial: “From a Hydraulic IPT perspective, Detroit Flex Defense  (DFD), is meeting all of the stringent performance requirements with their newly produced hose product that were levied during the DFR design phase.  During the DFR Phase, DFD completed a hose material manufacturing line installation, product start up and an entire series of development tests on the performed  hose without failure.  The DFD hose product incorporates lightweight, high pressure, abrasion resistance and formable features into one product which out performs our legacy hose product.  DFD also incorporated the Parker Corporation developed “NutLok®” fitting (another important reliability feature) ends into their hose assemblies to decrease the possibility of leakage in the vehicle thereby increasing mission reliability.  Vehicle hydraulic leaks were a major reliability driver during OA testing.  There are no engineering issues with DFD at this time.”

EFV Distributed Systems Manager
Amphibious Systems Division