Quick Connects & Check Valves

Quick Connects

  • Quick Connects (Couplings) are ideal for applications that require the need to quickly and efficiently assemble and/or disassemble, without the use of any tools.
  • Quick Connects are used for many applications some include Hydraulic Systems, Climate Control, Sealing and Shielding, Fluid and Gas Handling, Process Control and Electromechanical.
  • Self Sealing Action: Suitable with all standard fluid types, as well as many exotic fluid types.
  • Ideal for applications with limited visual/physical access.
  • Used in a wide variety of temperature ranges.
  • Meets today’s aerospace, under sea, & ground system requirements

Check Valves

  • DFD has the in house capability to design, engineer and manufacture hydraulic  check valves for your application.
  • Verification tests are facilitated in house with our hydraulic test stand  that has the capabilities of 6,000PSI @ 20 GPM!